Barbacoa Elk

barbacoa, you nailed this recipe!  I love using recipes that require minimal work, can be used for several different meals, and make your house smell like you are an ingredient genius.  So if you’re wanting to impress someone, boost your own self esteem, or simply whip up another incredible dinner (go you!), look no further.  Scroll down and and get the low down on how to make a few simple adjustments to make Gimmesomeoven’s Barbacoa Beef recipe work for your wild game.

If you are like me, planning ahead is not your strength.  I pulled an elk roast out of the freezer around 8 am.  I’m guessing it weighed around 5-6 pounds.  I threw it in some cold water to help the thawing process.  Change the water every 30 minutes to be sure that it stays cold.  After thawing for an hour or so I was able to cut the roast into 2 inch cubes, most of which were still frozen.  I think this step really helped with keeping the meat tender and flavorful.  Envision pieces of roast that fall apart but still have a slightly pink center… boom!  I have been known to cook a completely frozen roast on high for 4 to 6 hours and the result is never awesome.  It usually requires quite a bit of flossing before bedtime.

I made a few minor adjustments to the recipe.  I added some olive oil (a few tablespoons).  As you know, big game is incredibly lean and a little added oil gives the flavor a boost.  The recipe also calls for beef broth, which I did not have.  Instead I combined the equivalent measurement of red wine and water. Chipotles in adobo sauce are on the ingredient list but they do not over power the recipe with heat or flavor.  The amount called for was perfect for my family and even my kids devoured it.  If I were making this for an adult gathering, I would toss in a few more for an added kick.  Other than those few little adjustments, it was spot on with the recipe HERE!

I threw everything in my crock pot and cooked on low for 7 hours.  Perfection!

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do.  I’ll be using the meat in not only tacos, but rice bowls, over mashed sweet potatoes, and maybe even a hearty salad.

Curious about the meaning of Barbacoa?

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