Bacon Wrapped Elk Tenderloin with Chipotle Blue Cheese Sauce


Elk tenderloin trimmed and cut into 2 inch pieces
Bacon of your choice

A splash of:
Balsamic vinegar
Red wine
Olive oil
Orange juice

A shake of:
Chili powder
Ground coffee

1/2 cup crumbled blue cheese
1/2 cup cream or half and half
2 tablespoons chipotle chilis in adobo sauce (These peppers pack a pretty serious heat, so add or remove according to personal preference.)

Marinate tenderloin in rub and liquid marinade for desired length (we marinated it for 2 days).  Grill tenderloin pieces over medium heat for 6 to 10 minutes.  Cook bacon over medium heat for 1 to 3 minutes.  Wrap tenderloin in bacon and secure with butcher string.  Grill bacon wrapped tenderloin over medium high heat for 5 to 10 minutes.

Sauce:  In sauce pan combine blue cheese and cream.  In a food processor, pulse chili peppers and adobo sauce until combined.  Add blue cheese and cream to food processor and pulse until combined.  Return to sauce pan to keep warm.


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5 Responses to Bacon Wrapped Elk Tenderloin with Chipotle Blue Cheese Sauce

  1. Matt McCune says:

    Made this meal for my family tonight. What a hit!!!!!!!!

    Do you make your own wild game sausage? Do you use a kit? Or have you figured out your spice/flavors yourself?

    Thanks for the great recipes!

    Matt McCune

  2. Made an adaptation of this tonight and it is tender and tasty. I used your dry marinade + worcestshire on elk backstrap, let it set for 2 days like you said, and wrapped each small butterfly steak with a slice of bacon held in place with a toothpick. It took about 15 minutes to grill to medium/MR, but my steaks were thick. Thanks for the idea. If you would like, check out my wild game recipe and high altitude baking blog at

    • Katie Seacat says:

      Hi! I just took a look at your blog. Wow!!! You have some amazing recipes! I am so excited to start trying them! Thanks for visiting From Forest to Fork and I look forward to reading more on mealsfromthemountains!!

      • Thanks for checking out my blog! I don’t know if you remember me, but I worked with you at TVRC the first summer it was in Dubois (Meg O’Brien). I enjoy your creative recipes.and admire your family’s involvment in the outdoors. I have also tried your antelope meatballs and sausage quiche–both are really good recipes and I will be making them again!

      • Katie Seacat says:

        Hey Meg!!! Of course I remember you! I didn’t realize that was your blog. How cool!! I’ll keep checking your blog for inspiration! Hope all is well!

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