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Posted March 25, 2011

Seacat Creative Job Opening:

The mission of Seacat Creative is to capture and share the outdoor experience.

Through authentic and unproduced photographs, raw and real-time video footage, written articles, blog entries, forum submissions, and direct accounts from the field, Seacat Creative documents and embodies the story of adventure.  This story of adventure is composed of real-life characters, amazing wilderness landscapes, vital equipment, constant challenge, and always the pursuit of the experience.

Officially established in 2009, Seacat Creative grew out of a privately run photography business.  What began as a need to provide extreme and authentic photographic images to leading outdoor equipment companies, evolved into a marketing business with the purpose of telling the story behind the unique photos and the grit, determination, and essential equipment that made it all possible.  A beautiful story is incomplete without the channels in which to distribute.  Seacat Creative specializes in the documentation of outdoor experiences, coupled with identifying the most effective means of reaching our client’s target audience with the content we provide.

Social Media Manager

Job Specification:

Seacat Creative is looking for an engaging, enthusiastic Social Media Manager to facilitate a deeper participation within the growing online communities of our many clients. The Social Media Manager will be responsible for building and maintaining relationships with key members of online communities and their important influencers. The Social Media Manager will be highly collaborative and know how to ignite, facilitate, and engage in online discussions, and will possess a deep understanding of the roles of various social media channels to help foster this dialogue. This person will genuinely care about helping people, and being an active contributing member of each online community. This person will be self-driven and be able to form and drive strategy based on analysis and insights as the communities continue to grow. Most importantly the Social Media Manager will be a strong representative of Seacat Creative and each of our brand clients. This position is located in Bozeman, Montana.

Key Responsibilities:

– Develop initiatives that encourage greater engagement and investment from our brand followers

– Create customer development programs that foster an understanding of our community as it continues to grow

– Engage and motivate our most active online influencers and advocates to ensure that their input is acknowledged

– Increase community awareness of the products and services of our clients

– Become a key contributor to our outreach strategy to create, build and maintain our client’s brands off site via authentic promotion and endorsement

– Communicate community feedback to internal teams for the consideration of future programs

– Monitor, track and analyze opportunities on social media channels for our clientele

– Facilitate online conversations and events to make sure conversation and content are relevant to our brands

– Develop weekly reports for internal (Seacat Creative) use as well as for feedback for each client

– Motivate “Influencers” to write blogs, submit photo essays/videos

– Edit content specifically to benefit each client’s brand strategy

– Create, foster, and ignite networking and relationship opportunities


– 3-5 yeas experience in marketing, social media, digital media, public relations, and/or customer service

– Prior experience in developing social media campaigns

– Demonstrated experiences with social media networks and clear understanding of their tools and capabilities

– Demonstrated critical thinking and problem solving abilities

– Understanding of how to build relationships, communicate and add value to customer base through online community, blogs, forums, social networks, and other social channels

– Specific day-to-day activities could include developing social media content, managing the social media channel presence (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, blogs), and facilitating and engaging in discussions with online communities

– Plan, implement, manage, measure and report on all social media marketing efforts across a variety of social media channels

– Strong command of social monitoring and reporting tools

– Strong interpersonal and teamwork abilities

– Collaborative approach/attitude

– Excellent written and verbal communication skills

– Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with other departments/teams

– Strong project management capabilities

– Personable and outgoing attitude

– Familiarity with writings and blogs from Social Media experts

– Avid outdoorsman/woman, hunter/angler preferred

Please send resume, cover letter, and any additional creative material to:

Seacat Creative, LLC
7 West Main St Unit 203, Ste 16
Bozeman, MT 59715





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One Response to Seacat Creative Job Opening

  1. Henry Flatow says:

    Mark, thanks for taking the time to talk this morning. Im interested in talking with you more about what you have to offer. I find myself meeting more and more people in the hunting industry every year, and look forward to being in the industry full time in the future. I’ll be sending you a resume and perhaps in the future ill be what your looking for. Take care.

    Hank Flatow

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