Wild Game Sausage, Pretzel, and Cheese Bites

Heavy appetizers…. tis’ the season!!  This post is the first of three… all appetizers that are wonderful for the holiday season, a meal of tapas, or even suitable for a Football Sunday soiree.

Wild game sausage, pretzel, and cheese bites are simple and a crowd pleaser.  I was feeling extra festive and decided to make the soft pretzels from scratch… but this ingredient can certainly be store bought if time (or interest) is of the essence.  For those of you looking for a wonderful soft pretzel recipe… I found mine here and I was very pleased with the outcome.

The rest is easy!


1 package of wild game sausage links
Cubed cheese of your choice… we used Dubliner
Soft pretzel bites
Variety of mustards


–  Grill or broil the wild game sausage links until done – 8 to 12 minutes

–  Cut into bite size pieces

–  Warm the pretzel bites in oven

–  Arrange cheese, sausage bites, and pretzels on toothpicks

–  Serve with variety of mustards



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