Bacon Wrapped Antelope Tenderloin

Mark and I were married at the end of July.  During our engagement we asked friends and family for “advice for a happy marriage”.  One of my favorite pieces of advice came from my sister… she told us “make your own traditions”.  Well, antelope hunting has been a Seacat Family tradition since Mark was born.  Each year, for opening weekend of antelope season, the Seacats (Mom, Dad, and kids) would head east (to an undisclosed location of course) for a few days spent with family and friends hunting antelope.  They hunted, ate great meals, and always enjoyed each other’s company.  Rarely was a year missed.  Their dedication to this tradition was so strong that Lisa, one of Mark’s younger sisters, was born a short ten days before this beloved weekend and yet she too took part.

Like all things, traditions evolve…  Participants often come and go.  Antelope opener has “transitioned” into a weekend where always constant, Mark and his Dad, and most often, John, a close family friend, will carry the flame, head east, and enjoy themselves amongst one of North America’s fastest animals.

While antelope hunting will remain a Seacat Family tradition that will surely be passed on to future generations,  BACON WRAPPED ANTELOPE TENDERLOINS for dinner, post hunt, is a new second generation Seacat Family tradition.

What you need:

Fresh Antelope tenderloins
1 package of your favorite bacon
Marinade of your choice

What to do:

–  After cleaning tenderloins place in marinade for as much time as you have (1 day to 30 minutes)  We used a teriyaki marinade and sat them in the fridge for about 4 hours.

–  Remove tenderloins from marinade and cut into 2 inch pieces.

–  Cut bacon in half and wrap each piece of tenderloin with a piece of bacon and secure with a toothpick.  We used a maple glazed bacon that complemented the marinade nicely.

–  Grill over medium high heat for 5-7 minutes… turning once.

Roasted red potatoes and a fresh green salad were great sides for this meal.

ENJOY!  And possibly create a new family tradition!

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One Response to Bacon Wrapped Antelope Tenderloin

  1. Sarah Walter says:

    Try adding a little jalapano to the bacon wrapped antelope. spice things up! 🙂

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