Fall Favorites

A few pieces that get special attention during those cool, colorful, wonderful fall months.

Handmade by my dear friend here in Bozeman, MT.  Go-to, versatile, and gorgeous! These simple, beautiful earrings with a pop! of color can be found here.

A Mystery Ranch day pack… of course a fall favorite!  Fall = hunting season and I need my trusty pack to haul all of my camera gear, layers, snacks, and on special occasions…. game bags when venturing into and out of the backcountry!

Imagine the aroma of fresh baked breads and home-made hearty stews warming your kitchen.  I found this beautiful butter yellow cast iron dutch oven on sale!

Suede pumps… enough said!  For you or for a loved one!

My Sitka Ascent Pants!!  I LOVE these pants and would wear them year round were they not “outcome based” gear… meaning I can only wear these pants when I am trying to avoid detection from ungulates when approaching them  “spot and stalk” style.  And listen up ladies… no, these are not “women’s” pants, but they fit and feel great.  So if you are a lady-hunter, or gear-hauler, or have an affinity for camo…. these are awesome and your spouse will love you in them!

Upholstering!  This is one of my new favorite hobbies.  My work is quite rough as my tools consist of scissors and a staple gun… but fun fabric acts as a great accent to any room and flaws are rarely noticed.  I converted this antique stool into a small ottoman for a reading chair.  The project took a total of 20 minutes.  With most crafting projects, I will happily sacrifice perfection for time saved.

Honey-crisp Apples…. ok, not necessarily an indulgence, but definitely a fall favorite.  I love these apples, cut in half and slathered with some crunchy peanut butter.  Yum!

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