Now What?! How to Decide What Cuts to Order

The hard work is done…. but the decisions you make now are equally important.

To avoid ending up with a freezer full of unidentifiable or inedible meat, choose your cuts wisely, think creatively, and have fun.  I learned the hard way that if you don’t care what comes home from the processor, chances are that you won’t care about cooking it.  Last year I hardly ever cooked game… I didn’t save any money because I still bought meat from the grocery store and when I did cook with game, it was boring, chewy, and uninspiring to say the least.

This year, with a self inflicted kick in the pants to have more fun with cooking game, I had more fun with ordering cuts.  And while I’ll probably make an audible gulp when we pick the meat up and pay the bill, I know it will be worth it.  All natural, all healthy, and all tasty game!

Before heading to the processor, we pull out the tenderloins.  It’s our tradition.  Mark trims them, I throw them in some marinade, and an evening is scheduled to enjoy this choice cut with friends and family.

As with everything in my game cooking exploit, choosing cuts is a learning experience.  Patti and Buzz Jones, from Yellowstone Processing, are great!  Patti was more than willing to advise and make recommendations about what we should order. This is how we made out:

Steaks (Meat from Hinds and Backstraps)
** I didn’t order any Round Steaks

Sausage Links (all varieties)
Sausage Bulk Fresh (all varieties)
**  We have plenty of burger still in our freezer, so I ordered 25% of the trim as burger and 75% as sausage/specialty

I have visions of delicious pasta dishes, breakfast quiches, tender grilled streaks, hearty stews, and fragrant roasts!  The adventure continues!

On a side note, if you process your own game… AWESOME!!  I would LOVE to hear tips and advice on how you do it and what you cut.




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2 Responses to Now What?! How to Decide What Cuts to Order

  1. Sydney says:

    Yellowstone Processing is great, we used ’em last year and their specialties are excellent!
    Another note to self: “Celebrate” your Elk harvest in moderation, as too much will also = a big gulp when picking up your order a month later!?

  2. benjie says:


    I would recomend making some jerky if you dont do that already, tons of options and flavorings there

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