The Taming of the Round Steak

I’ve tried my hand at cooking Round Steaks a few times…on the grill, in the crockpot, and heavily seasoned for fajitas.  Every time they have come out tough, REALLY chewy, and pretty much terrible.  In truth, I wanted the Round Steaks in our freezer to become donations or maybe even “wild game christmas presents” to friends and family and any unsuspecting bystander unaware of the sheer mandible strength and endurance required to eat a round steak.

BUT….after my extensive Marinating Research and Tenderizing Techniques, I thought I would give a Round Steak one last chance……and I experienced SHOCKING SUCCESS.

Our good friend Chris is in town for a little Montana hunting adventure.  I love having guests (test subjects) over as it gives me an excuse to try (experiment) new recipes and see what they think (presence or lack of physical illness following meal).

I prepared a smorgasbord of treats… including our main dish, Steak and Strawberry Salad.

Round Steak Marinade
1/2 cup Balsamic Vinegar
1/4 cup Soy Sauce
1 cup Orange Juice
2 tablespoons Honey
1 teaspoon Sriracha or other hotsauce
Salt, Pepper, and a few shakes of crushed Red Pepper

Before marinating the round steaks for two and a half DAYS, I tenderized them with my meat tenderizing tool.  I pounded both sides of the steaks until their firmness was slightly broken down.  I then dropped them in the marinade and placed in the fridge for a few days.

I grilled the steaks over medium high heat…about 5 minutes on one side and 3 on the other.  I was a little worried when I took them off, thinking that they may not be cooked all the way.  But after letting them sit for ten minutes, they were perfect when I sliced into them.  I think this may have been the first time I didn’t overcook steak….and it was delicious!  Don’t forget to slice thinly and across the grain!!!

I served with fresh strawberries, blue cheese, sautéed mushrooms, warmed white beans, fresh spinach, and a splash of balsamic vinaigrette.  The steak was quite tender and the marinade gave it a little sweet heat.

Strawberry Pockets

2 cups of sliced Strawberries
Juice from half a lemon
2 sheets of Puff Pastry
Cream Cheese
Powdered Sugar
1 Egg

Slice strawberries and add lemon juice.  Let sit for a few minutes in fridge.
Cut thawed pastry dough into 3 x 3 inch squares
Spread dab of cream cheese in center of square
Place a few strawberries on top of cream cheese
Fold the dough diagonal corner to diagonal corner …making and envelope looking pastry
Brush with egg and sprinkle sugar
Bake at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes or until slightly browned

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7 Responses to The Taming of the Round Steak

  1. These look absolutely amazing!

  2. Jessica says:

    I had great success with elk round steaks for chicken fried steak- not the healthiest, but would probably work for cooking them either way. I marinated the steaks in some good whiskey (I used Pendleton) and several dashes of worchestershire. They ended up sitting in the fridge for 2 days- I just flipped them over every morning and evening and kept them covered, then pounded them out thin with a meat mallet, breaded and fried up country style! A friend swears by using whiskey to marinate game- takes any gameyness out and tenderizes. I am sure those steaks would have been good grilled with more of a complex marinade- just be sure to include whiskey. They were so tender, I could cut them with a fork when we were eating!

  3. Peggy says:

    Hey there! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a team of volunteers and
    starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche.
    Your blog provided us beneficial information to work on. You have done a wonderful job!

  4. Rebecca says:

    All right! You’ve inspired me to make something other than Elk and Barley Stew with those elk round steaks we have in the freezer. I’m excited. Thanks for this blog!

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