Recipe Feedback and Grocery Shopping Recap

I’m out of the woods and back behind my computer.  We had a wonderful Labor Day/Archery Elk Opener weekend.  Lots of time spent hiking in beautiful country, watching animals, and cozying up to a warm fire.

I wanted to check back in after having a chance to taste (devour) the two casserole dishes I wrote about earlier.  Here is what I thought about each dish:

Burger, Broccoli, and Potato Bake
Pretty delicious….  I like a little heat and spice in many of my meals, so this was a tad on the bland side.  I think in the future I might add more fresh garlic and crushed red pepper.  It certainly was not bad though and definitely something I would consider making again… maybe for a post ski meal for cold and tired bodies.

Did anyone try this recipe?  Do you have any feedback or recipe amendments to share?

Three Pepper Breakfast Delight!!!
Yum!!!  This was an absolute hit!  I’m actually making it again today to send with Mark as he heads out on another hunting adventure this evening.  This is a fun dish that I think I will experiment with using several different ingredients.  Stay tuned for more breakfast bakes!

How about this dish?  Has anyone tried it or made something similar?

Grocery Shopping Recap

Elk = 0 …but Good time had = 1

We drove home yesterday afternoon following our morning hunt.  We scouted and hunted Friday though Monday and had a fantastic time.  The weather was perfect for elk hunting.  The temperatures dropped quite a bit and fall was all around us.  It feels like the rut could start any day now …and from what I hear that is a GOOD thing as far as hunters are concerned.

No elk for the freezer just yet.  However, Mark is bound and determined to bring one home so he is back at it starting tonight.  I described to him the elk I wanted in perfect detail so I feel comfortable sending him out without me to bring it home.  You never know what will make it home when you send your man grocery shopping… so we will see :).

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

A little summer snow!

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