Three Pepper Breakfast Delight

I am prefacing this post….  The title is as ambiguous as is the dish.  It’s Thursday afternoon and I am running out the door to leave on an elk hunt with Mark.  I wanted to get one more post together to publish while I am away next week.

I threw this breakfast dish together to heat up and each while we are hunting.  100%…. I have NO IDEA what this will taste like.  Here is my basic concept:

Three Pepper Breakfast Lasagna

Basically I have layered frozen corn tortillas, frozen hash browns, mozzarella cheese (I would have preferred sharp cheddar, but didn’t have any), cooked ground game sausage, eggs, salt/pepper/garlic, and canned green chiles, chipotle chilies , and crushed red peppers (hence… three pepper).  I baked this concoction at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes.

I “decorated” the top with halved cherry tomatoes and red onion.

I know this is less of a recipe and more of a concept…. but hopefully it will spark some inspiration in you to make a breakfast bake (read casserole).

Good luck to you in your breakfast game dish endeavors and good luck to Mark and me in eating this creation in which I call…. Three Pepper Breakfast Delight(?).

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