Grocery Shopping

Mark and I are leaving this afternoon for our first hunt of the season together.  We’re (Mark) hunting elk here in Montana.  I’m actually really looking forward to this trip.  The dogs are coming, the weather is beautiful, and we get to spend 7 days in the woods….

So this is the first of my “Grocery Shopping” posts.  When I get back next week, I’ll write a post about our trip with pictures and stories.  Fingers crossed, we’ll come home with a great elk….but if not, the season has JUST BEGUN!!!

My role on these hunts is to help document our experience with pictures and videos.  I’m also responsible for finding the tastiest elk and pointing Mark in the right direction.  I guess we’ll find out if we are both looking for the same animal.

Ok….well I hope you check back next week.  I’ll be sure to have a great story and beautiful pictures regardless of whether we come home with an elk or not.

Have a great weekend!!

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One Response to Grocery Shopping

  1. Best wishes to you too! I plan to stop back and see if you got a trophy:)

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